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This isn't really a big deal at all, but I'm having a slight problem. I recently replaced my old 550 ti with a 670, and the 600w compaq psu the computer came with has been working fine. I'm planning to upgrade to the 800 series when they come out (Obviously not for a super long time) and figured I could use a top notch PSU to have around, for ample power when a new line of cards come out, and just to have a backup. I settled on this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817207009 and figured I might as well put it in now seeing as how it's much better than the one I currently have. The problem is, the psu wouldn't fit in without cramming up against other components, and causing them to seat uneasy. Also, it didn't even line up with the screws correctly. It seems like big name companies such as HP and Dell purposely design their cases to not fit 3rd party components, forcing you to strictly by from them. My question is, is it possible to place the psu outside of the case and still have everything run properly? I can easily plug everything in from it while it's on the floor next to my computer, but would that cause damage or anything? Again, it's not a super big deal if it doesn't work, but I'd prefer not to have to return the awesome psu
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  1. Buy a cheap case. Problem fixed. That is a very good power supply. Most OEMs use standard ATX cases these days but you run into the occasional proprietary case.
  2. No damage, if placing the power supply outside the case. Make sure that the wall socket is grounded.
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