Motherboard m4n68tm and processor 550 phenom 2 x2 non black edition how to overclock this cpu ?

hello i want to know how to overclock this cpu i have cooler master hyper tx3 evo and my motherboard,cpu mentioned can i overclock it i need some step by step info if anyone can help me with that........
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    you probably won't get much of an overclock with that motherboard, as it has no heatsinks on the mosfets OR north-bridge. sorta scary really... you're gonna have some massive temp throttling issues on that motherboard when you start to overclock

    that said, you would overclock it through the CPU Frequency (AKA Front Side Bus, or FSB), which will be a base of 200... understand as you clock up the base frequency, the HT/NB and Ram will all clock up with it... so you will have to keep an eye on them and likely down clock them to keep your system stable. The voltages you'll be playing with will mostly be your CPU-NB voltages and your CPU Voltage... generally, you probably won't have to bump the cpu voltage up much...

    There are guides out there that can help you more... this is one of my fav guides for overclocking PhII cpus. you'll want to focus on the parts in that guide dedicated to how to overclock through the FSB mostly... as that's all you'll be able to manage.

    there is a wealth of great info in there. Overall though... i don't think you'll get much out of that motherboard.
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