What game to buy?

What game you think I should buy now that I saved up some money?I love fps strategy and stealth games.Please recommend me some games.
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  1. FPS category

    Metro Last Light
    Crysis 3 (involves stealth)


    Hitman Absolution
    Tomb Raider (involves stealth elements)
  2. If you dont have them yet:

    Deus Ex Human revolution
    Splinters cell series (from the original to chaos theory, the rest are not stealth anymore).

    You could try tribes ascend and warframe since those are freeware (fps non-stealth and 3rd person co-op).
  3. Thanks il try all the games now that I finish bioshock infinite.The first game ill check will be tomb raider as I see it has very high critics but I won't play crysis and metro last light as my pc is poop
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