Weird problem with laptop psu

Yesterday I thought I smelled something odd, like a faint short circuiting coming out of my laptop (it's an oldie). Had a good look at it and noticed the adaptor plug was hanging a bit out of the laptop. It probably had been for a few hours and I hadn't noticed. I pushed it back in and ignored it.

Today I tried pulling the cable out again, but it was stuck. A firm pull got it loose and lo and behold, the tip of the plug was a little singed. No surprise it smelled like it had short circuited. My guess is something it connected to inside the laptop is a little singed as well.

Can anyone tell me if it's safe to plug the adaptor back in the laptop? It ran fine for about half a day since I pushed it back in, yesterday. Now after having seen the singe, I am not so sure. It's the only computer I have at the moment.. I don't want to lose it. The smell of short circuit burn is a little unnerving.

I have to stay offline a bit to save the battery, but I'll check up on this topic again, two hours from now.
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  1. Is this the adapter that came with the computer?
  2. No, this is a generic one. The original adapter broke three years ago.

    This generic one has changable plugs, so it can be fitted to work with a number of different laptop designs.
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    Those are not always the best option for full time use.
  4. I checked a long time ago, they are no longer being manufactured. What I need to know is if it's safe to continue to use one after a little singe mark has appeared.
  5. My nephew did and it melted his power connection.

    What laptop do you have?
  6. It doesn't matter, I tried to order a replacement adapter for it a long time ago. Looked absolutely everywhere for an identical one, but it just wasn't there anymore. Well, I do recall I found one place that had it, but they imposed some ridiculous fees for such old hardware.

    Alright, then the best thing I can do right now is to make a backup and order a new laptop. I've been kinda needing a new one anyway. Now I have a proper excuse. :P

    Thanks for the help.
  7. Your welcome, don't forget to choose a Best Solution , when opening question threads in the forum,the members will appreciate that.

    Thanks for posting.
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