gaming pc build components???

hi guys im building a decent gaming pc for moderate gaming

my budget Is 60000 r.s.(indian rupees)

can any one suggest me a decent spec.

im thinking of getting the 7770 hd as gpu

I would like an 4 gen I5 processor

so pls suggest me some gud spec for the budget

thx in advance guys....:)
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  1. CASE- Corsair Obsidian 350D - $89.99 - 5285.11 r.s.
    MOBO- Asus Maximus V Gene - $199.99 - 11745.41 r.s.
    CPU- Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge- $219.99 - 12920.01 r.s.
    RAM- Corsair Vengeance 8 (2x8GB)- $67.99 - 3993.05 r.s.
    GPU- Asus GTX 660TI 3GB- $319.99 - 18793.01 r.s.
    HDD- Western Digital WD Black 1TB- $94.99 - 5578.76 r.s.
    PSU- XFX 650W - $99.99 - 5872.41 r.s.

    $1092.93 - 64246.51 r.s.

    To be honest with you 4th Gen CPU known as Haswell does not have a significant boost from 3rd Gen Cpu known as Ivy Bridge. Do you really want to waste money on something that will gain you 5-10% of performance? Plus you're only gaming so it won't really matter. Plus you live in India and its really hot there, if you didn't know Haswell gets extremely hot just like Ivy Bridge did but worse since it consumes more wattage and has its own VRM. So with your ambient temperature and Haswell temperature you will be creating a miniature sun right in your bedroom.
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