A few Questions About GPUs / GTX 770

Hi All,

I am looking to upgrade my Graphics Card from a current GTX 460 1GB to a GTX 770.

A couple of questions:

1.) I'm leaning towards the MSI branded version based on a Toms Hardware Review of the OC'ed versions of the partner cards. I have a Full Tower case with plenty of open space- so it seems like the benefits of the MSI (Heat/Power/Performance) outweigh the cost of a bit more of my case space. I have a practically empty Storm Sniper Black Edition- so plenty of room. Stick to MSI- or another suggestion?

2.) Worth the extra $50 (general) to get the manufacturer OC'ed version of the card- or go for the base spec? Last time I bought the base model of the GIGABYTE 460 and OC'ed it myself sufficiently. I can do that again- but am leaning towards the Manufacturer OC'ed card as I've read they often use a higher quality chip and I'd be happy not to need to mess with OC'ing myself. Worth it? Waste of $50?

3.) I read a review on newegg about a user not being able to use his MSI GTX 770 on Windows 8- the clocks would never go up to the stated specs, so he booted Windows 7 and all was well. Anyone else had issues like this with the GTX 770 or newer cards in general? I'm on Win 8.

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  1. You'll hear from fanboys for all the brands. IMO, you buy the brand you are comfortable with (good rma always heads my list).

    If I was buying now, I would look at EVGA and Asus. Typically, the reference versions come with single fan cooling, while the factory oc comes with dual/triple fans. If you buy the reference, you may have temperature issues with overclocking which, hopefully, you would not run into with a factory oc model.

    Unless you are planning to water cool, I would probably buy the unit with the best cooling solution from the brand of your choice.

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    1.MSI branded versions are good,if u want to get O.C ed versions then u have to aim for their power edition cards as their twin frozer design in PE cards enhance the thermal stability.but i don;t think they have released any power edition cards for gtx770,it is the lightning edition: also has advanced thermal design based on or better than PE cards).
    2.well O.C ed version cards uses higher quality chip than base versions. but they are definitely not worth the extra 50$.Buy something cheap like ASUS/gigabyte and u can also O.C it pretty well.I don't see a cause to overclock a gtx770,it's fast than hd7970.will you be using more than one monitors?if not,then go for the base version and u need not to O.C a sit is suck a beastly card for a single display...
    3.well a gtx770 is anew gen. card and is highly optimized for,for that don't worry,there are many people who have issues due to other problems in their system which may have caused the problem.One thing to say,many msi card have got issues(not all) but now they might have fixed it...
    Try to get the Asus version
  3. The best GTX 770 option out there right now is this model
  4. thanks bro...
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