Best 120Hz Gaming Monitor 24" or 27"

So i am looking for a new gaming monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate and less than 5ms response time.

I currently have a Samsung 22" UN22D5003 also i have a 27" lg E2742V monitor.

So what would you recommend for a new gaming monitor under $500
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  1. How much for an Asus VG278HE where you are?
  2. sam_p_lay said:
    How much for an Asus VG278HE where you are?

  3. There's your answer then. Here's an excellent review:

    As far as TN panels go, this is as good as it gets.
  4. Budget wise the Benq XL2411T is great. After some calibration for gaming its excellent, it supports (unofficially) 144 Hz.
  5. The best 120Hz gaming monitors are currently either the ones with LightBoost (strobe backlight for CRT-quality zero motion blur), or the Korean overclockable 120Hz IPS monitors.

    For a list of the overclockable monitors, and the list of LightBoost gaming monitors, see 120Hz gaming monitors list. Also, has a good how-to guide on monitor overclocking in its Monitors section.
  6. The BenQ XL2720Z or the XL2420Z is a really good choice with 144Hz and 1ms (with motion blur reduction)
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