Accidentally deleted nvidia chipset drivers

Hello, I was recently using the Guru3D driver sweeper to remove new nvidia drivers so I could return to old ones, and I cleaned the nvidia chipset drivers, too. I just learned that shouldn't be done, but my computer seems to be working fine.

Unless something happens, should I worry that I have already caused permanent damage to my PC? Thank you for your time and assistance.
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  1. Not really, Windows 7 should download the driver again and installed for you, if that doesn't work, you only have to download the driver and install it.
  2. Okay, cool. So far, everything runs like it should and I had done this chipset cleaningonce or twice before (whoops), but I had heard horror stories when I googled stuff about it after the most recent test, so no more of that. I guess if there are any problems I will just have to do a fresh install of everything, worse comes to worse. Anyway, thanks for the assistance and have a nice day.
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