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Graphics Card Fan Is Very Loud On Startup

June 19, 2013 9:23:59 AM

Hello, recently I've ran into a lot of trouble with what I believe is my roughly 1 and 1/2 years old graphics card fan. After starting up my PC and logging in, my gpu (pny gtx 560ti)'s fan suddenly becomes very loud and the display will go black. Could this be because it's too hot? I don't think it is a driver related issue as I upgraded to the latest drivers after the fan started to become really loud and the problem still persisted. Or maybe because I'm in SLI? Just throwing out some possibilities. Regardless, I can fix this by force restarting (hitting the restart button on my case) my computer and pretty much make Windows think it crashed. Would changing what gpu is connected to my monitor do anything? Also, here is a picture of what happened some time after the first time the gpu fan started acting up, though I haven't had this happen to me again:

That may have just been caused by me not restarting my PC after installing the latest drivers, and like I said, after restarting as soon as that mess went away I haven't had that happen again. Thanks for reading.