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Sudden shutdown / Overheating problem on i7 2600K machine

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June 19, 2013 9:43:42 AM

I have a work PC here, i7 2600K originally built by iBuyPower about 2 years ago running win7. It uses a corsair watercooling but it is not overclocked.
Yesterday it got REALLY slow and repeatedly shut down on its own after 30min to an hour of light use. The slowdown was odd, it would show around 30-40% CPU utilization but responded like it was pegged. (type a letter and it shows up 3 seconds later) also, in task manager there was not much cpu activity even with show all processes checked.

After it shut itself off I would have to let it sit for a while before it would turn on.

I pulled the case open and it seemed much hotter than normal. One of the fans that sandwich the radiator was out. So I got a new working fan and plugged it in, thinking this was a pretty clear case of just an overheating PC and the new fan would fix it. (although really, a watercooler and 1 out of 2 fans working on a stock CPU should probably still cool it just fine)

No fix, still overheats. Installed coretemp and with any light use it would hit 98C

after booting it hits around 85C
after a few minutes comes down to idle about 74C with no load
light load, ie copying files it shoots up to 95-98C.

Im pretty stumped. Could that initial overheat damaged something that would cause the CPU to continually overheat?
My next steps are to pull the cooler and re-apply thermal grease.
I do have an identical machine sitting unused I can pull parts from, so if the thermal paste doesnt fix it, Ill swap out the cpu, ram, cooler and possibly even power supply.
Id rather not swap the motherboard because it has a raid 0 pair and a raid 1 pair that I dont want to risk losing.

of course this happens right before a big deadline on friday. *facepalm*

Anyone have any ideas or guidance? thanks!

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June 19, 2013 9:51:25 AM

Can you tell if the pump is going on the watercooler?

If you have the stock cooler still available throw that on and see what your temps look like.