Stock i7 3770k heatsink or 212 EVO?

I was wondering if I should use the stock heatsink that came with my i7 3770k or a 212 EVO? I will not be doing any overclocking until later this year (I will get a new heatsink by then). All I will be doing is playing games like BF3 and Skyrim, photo editing, video editing, and that's about it. Will the stock heatsink be okay for me since I will not be overclocking with it? Will my temperatures be okay?
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  1. Get the aftermarket heatsink. Intel's stock heatsink is a pathetic joke.

    The 212 EVO is a great heatsink for the money and its made for overclocking.
  2. for 25$ the 212 EVO will be far more quiet and will outperform the Intel stock one by far too (not to mention that you'll be able to overclock in the future)
  3. My i7 2600 idles at about 30°C with the stock Intel heatsink. I do basically the same stuff as you, and I never have really felt the need for a aftermarket heatsink. Many other people just use the stock and it works fine for them. So you are probably fine with what you have for now
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