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I currently have an Ultra XBlaster Mid-Tower V2 Case, 2 120 mm fans running at 1200 RPM and 44 CFM, an Antec TriCool 80mm, and a Delta 80mm.( I don't know what there CFM is.) I currently use both 120's for exhaust at the back and side( Top vent on the side panel.), and the 80's as intake at the front and bottom. My question is, is there a better way to set the fans up? Should I take one of the 80mm fans out?

Extra info: CPU= FX 8350 @ stock( With stock cooler.), GPU= ASUS HD 7770 GHz edition 2 gig, 8 gig Crucial Ballistix, and ULTRA 600W PSU.
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    Put the 120's in the front as intake and the 80's at the top and rear as exhaust. Intake is what you need - the exhaust is not as critical.

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