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I'm trying to overclock my Intel Pentium G860 and I came across some problems. I got it up from 3 to 3.2 ghz and it checked out fine after running Prime95 for several hours. Temps never went over 55 C so I figured I could bump it up to 3.3 without much trouble. As soon as I tried to start up, however, my computer crashed immediately and restored itself to its default settings. Now every time I try to OC my processor I can't find a single setting that runs stable with Prime95 other than the default, even when I set everything to exactly what it is when it ran stable at 3.2ghz. My build: GIGABYTE GA-Z77MX-D3H mobo, Intel G860 CPU, Kingston Hyperx Blu 8gb RAM, WD Blue 1tb HDD, and an EVGA GeForce GTX 660 GPU.
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    The G680 is a locked CPU, meaning it can only be OCd via the FSB. Which is never a good idea since it effects your whole system by increasing it, it is EXTREMELY rare to get a stable OC on FSB increases only.

    You need a K-series 1155 CPU to OC successfully.
  2. power supply? aftermarket cooling? Did u try to add more voltage to the cpu? and underclock the ram? Maybe try clearing the CMOS instead of reseting to default not sure if it make a difference, but doesnt hurt to try. Also the Pentium isnt meant to be a overclocking chip, and assuming the same as the i series that the non k editions can only reach its turbo freq, but the G860 doesnt have but assuming u wont get farther than the 3.2ghz if u can reach it again, id say just go get a newer cpu then oc
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