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2TB External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0 Very Slow Transfer rate..Pleasee Heellpp

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June 19, 2013 2:07:01 PM

Recently, about 2 months ago, I purchase a 2tb wd usb 3.0 external, at first, for about 3 weeks I was transferring at 120 MB/s , now when I am transferring files it transfers at about 46 MB/s, which is a big drop. I normally transfer about 100 GB of files daily, and this is a painstakingly slow process.Can anyone tell me what's wrong.

The harddrive never fell, no damage, plugged into a surge protector.. My 2.5 inch Usb 3.0 transfers seemingly fast. I get about 85 MB/s with it, but its the WD 2 TB That's the problem.

Here are some additional information:
Operating System is Windows 8 PRO
Laptop is an Asus A55VD-AH71 with intel core i7 ivybridge, 7200 rpm hdd
Device Manger specifies my 2tb usb 3.0 as 'WD My Book 1140 USB Device'
Ports are USB 3.0
Harddrive giving problem:WDBACW0020HBK-NESN
I am a well seasoned IT Technician and a Senior Software Developer

So Please if you have to explain in details, and technicalities please do. If you can make it as simple as possible, go right ahead, for future references. I just need my hard drive transferring back at roughly 120 MB/s instead of 46 MB/s

Thanks in Advance
June 19, 2013 2:29:27 PM

spooky2th said:
When HHDs get a lot of data on them, they tend to slow down some. Here's an article that I just read about it.

Thanks for the reply
Currently I have 1.26 TB free, and 566 GB used on the slow 3.0, I transferred about 900 GB, that was on my slow 3.0 to my other 2 TB 3.0 and that one gives me about 115MB/s to about 135 MB/s. But although I have reduced the data by more than half it's still transferring at 46 MB/s roughly.
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June 19, 2013 3:46:31 PM

It's also a case of file sizes. A lot of tiny files will transfer slower than a couple large ones.
a c 78 G Storage
June 19, 2013 5:09:00 PM

All your old files are still on the drive too, marked as free space. Windows uses unused space first before writing over data marked as free space. There are several apps out there that will secure erase the free space. That might make a difference.
a c 812 G Storage
June 20, 2013 3:44:24 PM

40mbs/sec make it sound like its dropped to usb2 speeds. Did you install inter srt recently?
December 28, 2013 8:03:17 AM

Try updating the USB drivers