Help me decide on a 27 inch monitor?


I do some gaming but no photo editing or anything like that.

I just wanna get a second 27 inch monitor, and want to spend $260 max.

Here are two I'm looking at now:

The TN is $230 after coupon and the IPS is $239+ shipping.

The TN doesn't have reviews, but Judging from the reviews for the IPS I'm sure it will be fine.

So any suggestions? I'm open to any other suggestions on different monitors as well.

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    If you can the TN for $230 I would definitely go with that one, but I think you may be reading the coupon wrong. I think it is $299 after the $70 coupon, I may be wrong though.
  2. No actually, it starts with $70, then you add the coupon code and it takes off another $70.

    So why do you say definitely go with that one if they are around the same price? Yeah the TN's default price is higher but I thought IPS monitors were more expensive (maybe better) anyway?
  3. bump bump :P
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