regular SSD and Msata combined

Hey there,

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to do a good deal on a HP Elitebook 8570w (LY554ET) with both an Msata and regular SSD.

Included was this 512 GB Sata SSD:
Crucial m4 CT512M4SSD2 512GB

and this 240 GB Msata SSD:
Intel® SSD 525 Series (240GB, mSATA 6Gb/s, 25nm, MLC)

Quite more luxurious than I was planning on, so I don't know how to get optimal performance on this... I've found plenty of topics covering various types of SSDs combined with HDDs, but not much on combining Msata SSD and a regular SSD.

Currently I'm using the Msata for files and the regular SSD to run Windows 8 and other software from..

What is most desirable:
Having the OS on the regular SSD and files on Msata (current)
Having the OS on the Msata and files on regular SSD
... something else..?

I still have the original 500GB HDD that came with it. I could place it in a caddy for the optical bay and use it as additional storage..

so.. I'm curous to know what you think..
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  1. I'd put the OS+applications on the smaller MSATA drive. All else on the other, and on the potential HDD.

    But as you already have it on the SSD, I'd leave it as is.
  2. For every days use it is not so important, but the 512 GB SSD should be perform better in the long end. But generally you can use the 2nd SSD as a scratch disk to increase performance. You can put the Windows pagefile on it and the ones from apps like photoshop or the so called working directory.
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