How do I know what DirectX level I'm running?

For Battlefield Bad Company 2. There's no in game setting for it, and my settings.ini file says "DirectX: auto" which is fine, but how do i confirm what the specific direct x level is? I just want to know so that I know steam is correctly recognizing my graphics card (660ti). Is there a way to tell what this "auto" setting puts it at?
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  1. Windows Key + R


  2. windows 7? click start, type dxdiag into search box, press enter. look @ bottom of system tab on window that appears

    edit - beat me to it :)
  3. Yes windows 7 64 bit. So do this while in game?
  4. wait, what? do you mean that you want to find out which dx features a game uses? thought oyou meant that you wanted to know which version of dx was instal;led on your system. for details about individual games you'll have to look on the manufacturer's website or do some googling
  5. Ah, you are asking what Direct X version the game is executing in. That is a little more troublesome. BC2 will run in DX9, 10 and 11, and you have a DX11 graphics card. As long as you have DX11 (Direct3D 11) installed, you should be fine.

    If it is not located in an in-game setting I don't think there is an easy answer to detect it. Possibly the nVidia control panel can provide that info
  6. yes^

    The question is simple: i need to know the exact DirectX version that the game, BfBc2, is running in, regardless of what my Vcard supports. I have a 660ti, and it supports DirectX 11, but I need to know if the game (or Steam) is indeed recognizing the 660ti and appropriately putting the game to DirectX 11, and not just recognizing my mobo graphics and setting it to DirectX 9 or something. In the settings.ini file for the game, it shows "DirectX: auto" which means the game is setting itself to whichever DirectX level my card can handle, which should be 11. But I am not certain of this.

    The reason I want to know this is because the game should run optimally at the appropriate DirectX level for my card, and while it already does run great (over 100fps like 95% of the time), there's been a few glitchy things here and there so i just want to confirm.
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