What Motherboard should I get?

Ok, so Im going to build my own PC mostly for gaming and I'd like it to be able to handle good sound editing and recording programs and such. But I have NO IDEA what kind of motherboard to even consider. I've decided on a Intel i7-3770 Processor and the Case Im getting fits either ATX or microATX motherboards. Any suggestions? Should I get a different Processor? idk lol
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  1. What is your budget and your country of residency? Will you be overclocking?
  2. Most any will do based on what you've mentioned, might also consider a few extra for the 3770K, you may not want to OC now but might in the future...What else do you do?
  3. get a 4670k as u might need to O.C in the future and a msi z87 mobo.By the way what's ur budget?
  4. Meant to add, 1155 socket with preferred chipset of Z77, I lean towards ASRock, Asus and GigaByte...If you go with the newer Hazwell's CPU's then the Z87 based 1150 socket mobos
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