Do you guys think that this is a good gaming rig?

Intel fanboys, shutup. I am just going to say that right now. I watched real world benchmarks in gaming and i like AMD's 8 core processor. I already have an OS. Thanks for your feedback :D!
My build -
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  1. I think you can tune it a bit and get better gaming at that price .

    The asrock board is decent enough , and actually has a 990X chipset despite the name . Unless you plan on using two graphics cards then get a cheaper 970 board .

    1600 Mhz memory preferred

    and if you cut the power supply to a 500 watt unit then you can probably fit a radeon 7870 into the mix
  2. Unless you have an additional hard drive you are going to run out of space rather quickly once you start installing a few games and applications.
  3. yeah it is a nice rig but change ur ram to 1600mhz and u gonna need one HDD along with the SSD otherwise u will run out of space very quickly
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