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Hello all, I was going over my build options recently, scrolling through the forums, making final checks to everything, and I came across the idea of an ITX or mATX gaming rig, I would hope to have the same gaming ability as a bigger rig, such as ATX. I would also like to have the case have optimum airflow and cooling ability. Also, a card such as the 7870 or 660 ti card to fit in the case. This is both a challenge and an outreached arm for advice and help from you, the community. I would think an ITX or mATX build would cost less than a normal ATX build with the same kind of processor and graphics card. Thank you! Please respond with advice or suggestions if you please :)
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  1. TBH, mini ITX motherboards are actually a bit MORE expensive than your typical motherboards, because all the components are crammed onto a small board. For a case i would suggest a Bitfenix Prodigy, which is one of the coolest looking ITX cases i've seen. a uATX (u is similar to the symbol for micro), will be slightly cheaper, but some uATX cases aren't good at cooling. Get a uATX motherboard if you want to add more ram in the future (some models have 4 slots instead of 2). Get an ITX motherboard if you want good airflow. An ATX build won't cost you much more, so choose wisely.
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    mATX is marginally cheaper. ITX is often more exspensive. Pick what form factor you can accommodate.
  3. Micro ATX motherboards can be up to 50% of the price of full ATX size motherboards. I would suggest a uATX in the middle (maybe $60 - $70) that will have 4 slots of ram, so you can skimp on ram right NOW, and buy another pair LATER.
  4. Thanks for all your guys' input, it really helped! So any suggestions on uATX boards?
  5. Eastside G said:
    Thanks for all your guys' input, it really helped! So any suggestions on uATX boards?

    A cheap one?
    Maybe $40 - $50?
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