Can TWO GTX 770's fit easily on a normal Mid tower ATX motherboard case?

I am currently planning to get a single GTX 770, but i want to plan a head of time, so after say a few years, i'll just SLI my GTX 770, but the question is will they fit in?

These are the current specs of the PC i am going for, note that its not complete but the case is also listed there :

PS: can all of these components fit in?
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  1. Your motherboard has to be sli ready.

    Tell us your budget, i can make you a suggestion
  2. It is crazy to spend $30 on a case and nearly 800 on two graphics cards . Buy a quality case with excellent cooling . You will need one

    Antec 300 Two
    Antec 1100
    CM HAF

    Might as will build with Haswell too since its the latest tech
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