Whats your thoughts on PCB matching with Hard drive manufactures

Whats your thoughts on PCB matching with Hard drive manufactures?
do you think matching like the one below is enough to get a PCB for your broken hard drive?

Professionals please share.
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  1. http://pcb-hdd.com/info/samsung-pcb-match-requirments/
  2. site doesnt load for me.
  3. I would avoid those suppliers who don't offer a firmware transfer service. When you buy a board from them, you are then stuck with the job of finding someone to adapt it for you. This is because modern HDDs store unique, drive specific information in flash memory. This info needs to be transferred from patient to donor.

    Nowadays I only recommend the following suppliers:

    They will transfer the firmware for free, or for US$10.
  4. It is true Fzabkar, normally you have to do firmware adaptation service. The problem is when the PCB`s do not have rom, I`m specifaically talking about western digital hard drives. Without external rom the job is hard, you have to transfer the main chip to new PCB or get access to service area and recover modules to convert them to rom and rom modules. Salvation data and PC3000 do that. As a service I recommend datarecoverydonors.com and service http://datarecoverydonors.com/products/pcb-adaptation-and-firmware-transfer-service.
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