Using an SSD only as a boot drive for windows and the HDD for storage. Need help for configuring.

So i have an ssd and a hdd. I'm running windows 8 and all of my files go to the ssd as a preset. How can I change this and save all of the data (except windows) on to the hdd? Sorry to make a new article, but I found no help in a couple I read, because of the difference in the operating system. All help is greatly appreciated and the person who solves this for me gets the worlds biggest virtual cookie!
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  1. Best answer pretty much solves your questions.

    Like the above thread mentions, theres no way of defaulting to another hdd without moving system files which is more or less impossible. Just change your internet browser to download to the hdd instead in the options menu and when installing programs specify custom directory to the hdd.

    also follow this guide, there are tips for increasing the ssd's performance you may be interested in.

    Dont have to follow all of it, just mainly disabling defrag, system restore, recycle bin, drive indexing, ssd power mode and perhaps moving the page file to the hdd.
  2. You can change the temp folder for documents, downloads, music and video pretty easy.
    Go to: c:\uses\*you*\
    and right click on all mentioned items and select to move data to another folder.
    Only programs need to installed separable to another drive, but I would only do this if you need because OS and Apps are stored at best on a ssd.
  3. easy,install another windows....
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