advice on trying to improve my airflow corsair carbide 500r

guys just finish on putting a clear acrylic side panel window on my corsair carbide 500r so that takes away the 200mm fan, now my question is how I improve my airflow?
currently I have this setup

intel core i5-3470
Deep Cool Ice Wind Pro (CPU Cooler)
MSi H77 board
MSi Gtx 660 Ti OC PE
Seasonic x560 Gold PSU
8gb kingston RAM
Corsair Carbide 500r with its 3 stock fans (2 120mm front intake, 1 120mm back exhaust..

how would i improve my airflow? add remaining fans? change to liquid cooler? any advices would be highly much appreciated..
help a me out please.. thank you very much..
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  1. any help please..
  2. little help please..
  3. Liquid cooling wouldnt increase airflow, it would just make everything run cool :) to increase air flow make sure you have top mounted fans 1 rear mounted fans and the 2 front fans running. And make sure to position them right as not to blow the wrong direction
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