Nvidia GTX 480 Not working on boot, but works in Windows

I recently replaced the stock cooling on my Nvidia GTX 480 with a Zalman VF3000F. It fits and works perfectly, lowering temps and sound by quite a bit. However, when I boot my computer, I cannot see the POST boot-sequence, nor the Windows loading screen.
When it gets to the login screen, however, the display starts to work. I have no problem with the hardware acceleration in gaming. I've tried taking out my GTX 480 and seeing if this is a motherboard problem - but I cannot replicate this problem elsewhere. I have the most recent mobo BIOS provided by my manufacturer, and the most recent GTX 480 BIOS provided by my manufacturer.
I've also fitted a 520 GT in the same slot to see if the PCI-e slot is messed up, but it shows the boot-sequence on-screen.
Any ideas on what's wrong, or how to fix?
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  1. Have you tried all the outputs on the 480?
  2. I couldn't resist restoring the old cooling system.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    Have you tried all the outputs on the 480?

    I haven't tried the mini-HDMI port yet, as I don't have the adapter for it. I'm currently using a DVI-HDMI one.
  4. Does your motherboard have integrated or on-board video? If so, try disabling it manually.

    Another thought: In removing the original cooler, you could have slightly cracked or damaged one or more of the solder balls beneath the GPU. The 480 is a hot card, and as such, thermal stress may have already produced a weak spot. During the process of booting, your card may be heating just enough for thermal expansion to overcome the small fracture in the solder connection(s).
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