Is this a good first build for gaming?Budget $1600 maybe $1700

Ok I've asked many times in the forums over a few builds that I've been thinking of building in the next 3-4 months. I was originally going for an AMD FX 8350 build but many people suggest an Intel build so I made this list and was wondering if it's good? I also want to know if the mother board I chose is the best for overclocking the i5 3570k as well as the cooler. Everything would be the same for the amd build except the mobo. I'm planning to use my rig primarily gaming and music production and the reason I chose 16 gigs of ram was because the programs I use for music production eat up a lot of ram and I know for gaming 8 is usually enough.So please give me your opinions and suggestions. Budget no more than $1600,maybe $1700.
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  1. As someone who has both AMD and Intel based computers, I have to say go with the i5 for gaming. You'll get better performance and much less of a hit to your power bill.

    I have an ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard and I can get my i5 up to 4.8ghz without heating issues. That's with an Antec Kuhler 920 closed loop cooler. I also own a NH D14 cooler, all I can say is make sure your dimensions on that Rosewill case are up to snuff to fit it. Its BIG.

    Although for the time being I will try to talk you out of the GTX 780, the price to performance ratio just doesn't justify the cost right now if you're working on a budget. I'd suggest the 770 or a Radeon 7970. The money saved can go towards a separate 64 gig boot ssd, saving your other ssd for gaming, and removing a potential headache if you have to reinstall the OS at any point.

    By contrast, this is my main rig: (aside from the case, the chaser mk I isn't there)
  2. I'd agree with robnof. Don't spend that much for the 780. I'd switch out the NH-D14 for maybe a Corsair H80i or something along those lines. The performance would be better, and you wouldn't have that big hunk of metal hanging on your board. Turn around and put that money from getting a 770 over the 780 back into the build with a 256 Samsung 840 PRO SSD.
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