Lag has got me stumped (Gaming/Saints Row 3)

I've been working on getting my budget prebuild from newegg up to par for some casual gaming. I'm borrowing my little brothers for the summer and I'd love to have something available for them to blow their time on while they're here (and I'm playing on my main PC in the living room).

I've gotten to the point that I believe I should be good to go, however my load times seem crazy-long (although I may have just been spoiled by main's SSD), but the major problem seems to be that my computer just can't keep up with, what I think is a fairly light amount of work.

When I load up Saints Row: The Third. The cheesy video show casing the purple car and the chrome heli pauses intermittently, the next little video is almost painful; an explosion revealing the ATI logo rather than brief pauses the sound and audio cuts so badly that I'm amazed the game doesn't crash.

The Original build is listed above, I've also upgraded the Video Card with a GeForce GTX 650 and a Raidmax RX-600AF.

I did a little poking around and tested Borderlands 2 without much difficulty, the video ran fantastically and gameplay was smooth (aside from load times).

It looks like there may be some difficulties with SR3 specifically (which I wasn't aware of before this post).
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  1. Your post is chopped off. But I think that the CPU is your problem.

    I think you will probably need to upgrade it to an FX6300 to get decent performance.
  2. Listing the system specs would probably help
  3. he posted a link with the specs, the cpu in the build is very mediocre. i would upgrade it to fx 6300 like smeezekitty said
  4. Sorry about that, I didn't realize this had posted; I got about half-way through it and I was dealing with another stupid issue (.avi's wouldn't play on Windows Media Player, took forever but I was directed to K-Lite, which seems to be getting the job done).

    I've finished the OP (sorry again). Ran Borderlands 2 and had little to no problem with it.

    I'm surprised that the AMD-FX4100 is sub-par (I don't know much about computers) as It's the same CPU I have in my main computer and I've never encountered a problem with it.
  5. The FX4100 is a budget model and it is bulldozer which has poor clocks/instruction performance.

    The FX6300 would be a significant improvement.

    Also your PSU is junk and won't last long.
  6. Good info; The PSU (sadly) is a vast improvement over what the system came with, just something I had laying around that came with a replacement case I bought from Newegg.

    I wish I would have known better before I actually payed for the 4100!
  7. Perhaps you could sell the FX4100 if you are ambitious.

    A note of caution: Make sure you have a reasonably new motherboard BIOS installed and if necessary update it before changing CPUs.
  8. I may just get on top of that. I just tried to update mobo's BIOS to no avail; but my other computer is good to go, this one's being a bitch
  9. It's because Saints Row 3 is a console port and runs like total crap on any system. Theres nothing you can do about it.
  10. Thanks Cooky, I was really hoping to hear something like that! I'm not attached to the game at all, just worried because it was the first game I launched.
  11. i had trouble with saints row 3 as well. For me GTA 4 is the worst port ever, i can run it smoother on my mac then my gaming pc :pfff:
  12. The x50 models of Nvidia cards aren't generally viewed as gaming cards (besides the ti's). There is a big jump between the 650's and 660's -- and an even bigger one going from a 660 to a 670
  13. I still think CPU
  14. smeezekitty said:
    I still think CPU

    I wasnt saying that the GPU was the issue/ solution ; but its definitely contributing
  15. Just ran Bioshock Infinite and it's flippin' beautiful and surprisingly smooth (both video and game play). At this point I'm confident that the issue had at least a little something to do with Saints Row (somewhat of a relief). I'm not able to pin-point the issue but a few search results have pointed to the motherboard/BIOS. Hopefully this setup will at least suffice for my brothers who normally just game on the 360, although an upgrade is in my computer's future.

    While it sounds like a new CPU is in order I'll probably replace the ASROCK N68-VS3 FX motherboard first. Thanks for all of the help guys, you definitely lowered my stress level (as well as my future cash level).
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    I think your problem actually has to do with Saints Row's CEG DRM, it has issues with the FX CPUs, leading to horrible slowdowns. Try downloading the latest BIOS update for your motherboard and see if that alleviates you problems with that game. Most motherboard vendors should have applied a fix for this in their BIOS by now.
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