TX650 & MSI G45 Z87 help me please

So I'm pretty close to being able to boot this thing up but I have a minor hang up.

I plugged the 24pin ATX cable in, now i have this cord from the PSU that says CPU, when I look at the connector on the MOBO they dont match up completely.

The manual says to watch this you tube video.. http://youtu.be/gkDYyR_8314
Video doesn't actually work.
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  1. I'm sorry I think I figured it out. The picture in the manual shows which side is negative, so i just matched that up with which side was ground on the PSU CPU cord.
  2. The CPU power plug near the CPU or the edge of the mb will be a four or eight pin connector. Most new power supply's have this connector has one four pin unit...two four pin unit or a eight pin connector. If your ps is four pin and the mb is eight pin you can still use it just plug it in on one side of the plug. The six plus two cables are for video cards.
  3. it was an 8pin CPU cable.
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