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Hello, I recently started experiencing some lower performance on my computer, some stuttering and such, so I looked up my core temps and I found a really disturbing discovery.. my core 1 and core 2 are at 50-57C on idle!.. and I checked my fans on the bios and it says the CPU fan is working at 0 rpm, which i get as not working at all..
I have the E8400 with the Scythe Ninja Rev B with the stock fan on it, on a GA-P35-DS3L mobo, the fan IS connected because two weeks ago I upgraded the computer by adding another HDD and I was sure to connect the fan power cable to the according socket on the mobo, now, I remember that the cable was a 3-pin cable and the socket is a 4 pin socket, could it be the problem?
The system is about 5 years old by the way..

P.S - Needless to say I didn't look it up as I didn't have problems with my computer so far.. and I just recently upgraded my GPU to 650 TI and I'd like to OC my cpu a little.. so if there's a way to fix this it would be much appreciated, if not, any recommendations on a new fan to connect to my heatsink?
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  1. There are different fan connections, make sure you connect it to the right one. Read this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/312886-30-difference-connectors-motherboard
  2. Well my mobo has only one 4 pin CPU fan header
  3. Then you should buy a 4-pin CPU fan, you could have the connections in the wrong pins. http://www.ehow.com/facts_7445688_3_pin-vs_-4_pin-cpu-fan.html

    Just do a web search for a 4-pin cpu fan for your heatsink size.
  4. Yeah that's probably what I will do, seems like no other option, I wonder if it didn't work throughout these whole 5 years I have this PC haha
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