crossfiring 2 sapphire 7850 but different models

To start, I've lurked for some time and solved quite a few issues via threads here so I'd like to say thanks a ton.

Here's the situation, I have a sapphire hd 7850 model #11200-00 and ordered a duplicate to crossfire, I ended up receiving a 7850 but got model #11200-07. Of course, upon contacting customer service and finding out they mislabeled the product, I was told they no longer have the model I ordered in. so my basic understanding is that both being 7850 series they will still cross fire, but my question is this, will I be gimping my original card if I do this? Clock speed is the same on both so that should be ok, but my preliminary investigation says I need to look into shader count and a bunch of other technical details that are new to me.
I can get a refund or get $30 off the card for the screw up.

Halp me Obi Wan's, you're my only hopes!
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  1. Yes; you can CrossFireX as long as the GPU chip itself is the same irregardless of the model. So in your case, you will be fine. :)
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    Yes you will be fine.You can crossfire same models from different companies but you can't crossfire different models (e.g 7850 and 7970)
  3. Alright...well I got them crossfired, had to uninstall the drivers first, always helps when you read your owners manuals for your mobo : D

    Except now the second card won't run my 2nd monitor. It connects and goes into standby mode but doesn't detect or display anything. *sigh*
  4. Evidently my mobo may not be allowing them do this in crossfire mode? Or so another thread suggests. I may have to turn off crossfire for this to be effective. I just want my two displays at 2560x1600! Is that too much to ask!?

    Rampage iii extreme mobo btw.

    Alright, I disabled it and I have two glorious 30'' displays at 2560x1600.

    Thank you internets, I love you all!
  5. Go to catalyst control panel and make sure you have crossfire enabled.
    Try connecting both the monitors in 1st gpu.
    I believe that you shouldn't put 2 monitors for gaming.Because you won't be able to see HUD and other important stuff.On the other hand,if you do video editing its really helpful.Also it's really helpful if you play games in 1 monitor and in the other browse the web:)
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