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i have an i7 2600k am using the stock fan that cam with the cpu. Reason why am worried is, i decided to stress test my cpu with prime 95 i chose the blend test. As soon as it started it had already hit over 70 an was stable around 98 degrees. Should i be worried or is this normal??
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  1. 98 degrees is a bit hot but the stock fan was never meant to cool the cpu during a stress test such as Prime 95. If a cpu gets over 100 degrees Celsius it is a problem so you are very close to the edge.
  2. Matteo Dagostini said:
    i have an i7 2600k am using the stock fan that cam with the cpu. Reason why am worried is, i decided to stress test my cpu with prime 95 i chose the blend test. As soon as it started it had already hit over 70 an was stable around 98 degrees. Should i be worried or is this normal??

    Celcius? Wow... try to buy a aftermarket cooler or get some ventilation in there.
  3. A rather inexpensive cooler like the CM 212 EVO will get those temps way down.

    Lucky for you, very few things will stress the cpu like Prime95.

    Also it may not hurt to ensure your cpu voltage is not too high because 90+ seems awful hot.
    Check your other temps/voltages with something like HWmon
  4. What is your ambient temperature? If you are using air cooling then your CPU temperature is always higher than ambient. If you run your PC in a 30C room then you can't expect to have an icy cold CPU.
  5. My Core 2 Quad get upto 90 when playing games and I am using H60 cooler :o
  6. Well thanks for all the reply guys am gunna use hw monitor and see wat the voltage il post a screen shot. so that you might be able to tell me if its setup right!! well on the cooling front i have a haf x case with 3 200m spinning at 1000 or close to it there mega flows....cooling is a bit of a prob i have to keep the side panel off as it gets to hot. any suggestion would be apperciated!!
  7. Using hwmontior my cpu volts is at 1.05 or 1.06 is that ok???
  8. Is that at load, that would be GREAT(My media center without turbo can do 1.04 at load, but I think it is a rare chip.). I am almost sure mine needs 1.25(but it is overclocked.)
  9. by load u mean that cpu is doing some processes??? if yes...no it just when i turned on hwmonitor thats wat was written there!! sorry bit of noob!! see reason y am asking all these questions really is that when am playing a game for example grid 2 on ultra settings i get steady framerate of 58 to 60 but once it hits the loading screen the frames drop to 3 - 4 frames....i thought i could have a bad cpu!! same with other games ones that don have any loading screens that need to load the enviorment...same thing will help happen...any idea if the cpu is the issue???
  10. A drop of frame rate on load screens is perfectly normal for some games.

    A slight pause or series of pauses when playing games that load on the fly are also not unheard of.

    If your temps get too high when gaming, the cpu will clock down and your performance will drop quite a bit and stay like that as long as the temps are too high.

    Please let HWmon run in the background to see the max voltage you get when gaming.
  11. it seems to happen in all games. its quiet annoying! I assume the voltage is cpu vcore?? if so max is 1.73!!
  12. I sure as hell hope that is an error.

    Can you post a screen of hwmon?
  13. 98 degrees F or C?
  14. 98 degrees F or C?
  15. nukemaster said:
    I sure as hell hope that is an error.

    It must be. His CPU wouldn't have survived long enough to load up hw monitor.
  16. http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/3606/36xb.png Uploaded with ImageShack.us" class="img lazy">
    well maybe it was an error!! i left it run in the background while i was playing grid 2 and i cleared min and max before i started to play!! even though i could swear i seen 1.73 when i left it run when i was playing remember me!!
  17. 65535 RPM FAN?

    man looks like your motherboard sensors are on drugs
    try something different.

    heat your cpu a lil, and aproach your hand to CPU cooler if was really really hot (hurting your hand ), well maybe the readings are right, and u need clean/change cpu cooler

    if the thing was hot but not sooo hot (you can touch cpu cooler without hurt) your readings are really wrong
  18. All your stats in the image look fine.

    Just keep an eye on the Intel Core i7 2600k temps and the CPU Vcore.

    The fan sensor errors actually are fairly common and can be worse if you have any other software monitoring them(many boards come with such software.).

    CPUTin is not accurate anyway. TRUST me on that one.

    Game it up for a while then post another screen if you can.
  19. ok will do what u said nuke....post back in a couple of days!!
  20. Ok. At least based on your current screen shot(what I see). everything is well in the green.
  21. so any idea wat might be causing it to freak out so much while loading or on the fly??
  22. Can you describe the freak out in detail?

    Are the effected programs/games on the SSD or hard drive.

    Is the board set to AHCI mode?
    SSD running the latest firmware?

    SSD's are supposed to reduce issues :)
  23. ok so in remember me, which am playing at the moment what happens is i could be running around and i assume when it loads the next area or the next event looks like it has a hard time loading them it slows down an becomes lagged even though i aint playing on line. i used msi afterburn to see the fps an they drop from a steady 60 to 3 or 4 an than back to normal. while on grid 2 when the loading screen appears before the race, the loading writing does the same thing. an i see the same drop in fps in msi. ssd i have an 840 pro 256 samsung and a 1tb hitachi....my os is installed on ssd an so are the games...i have the ssd hooked with a 6gbps cable and the software is up to date. now in smasung magician pro i have the ssd set to reliability not sure if that makes a diff instead of performance!! an the samsung software tells me that its set to ahci!!
  24. The SSD in reliability mode is most likely just not using some of the cache options.

    I would mess with the game settings to see if it is graphics or sound related.

    While it has been a while, some games have been known to skip when loading a new sound for the first time.
  25. i put all the graphic setting to low and than try higher setting but same thing!! is there any test i could do to see if my gpu or cpu?? i don think i should have any probs playing games with my build!!
    i7 2600k
    gigabyte gtx 670 2gb
    asus p8p67 pro rev 3.1
    16 gb ram corsair vengence
    corsair tx750m
  26. does this happen in all games or just this game?
  27. in all of them it seems to me so far deadpool grid 2 and remember me far cry 3!! is it possible that it could be the cpu??i turned of hyper threading could that be issue??? only thing i havent changed in my pc is my cpu and mobo got a new gpu an it still happens so i was thinking it could be one of them??what u think?
  28. HT is not used by many games. I do not think that is it.

    May I recommend making a new thread(maybe in the games or system section) with a title more fitting(Just because it seems you have no cpu temperature issues) to the current situation just so more users may come try to help.

    If you do, link it here so I can keep an eye on it as well. I am just hoping to get some more users opinions on your situation.
  29. ok i will do that thanks!!
  30. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-1723096/fps-drops-game-loading.html there the other thread i started nuke!! thanks again
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