Is there something wrong with my GTX 670?

Hey guys, i've been having some weird issues with my GTX 670 lately. I did a heaven test again to see how it was and I was shocked when I only got 36 fps average score :(

My intel i5 is locked at 3.9 Ghz but I didn't think it would bottleneck seeing as how my GPU usage was 99% the whole time.

My OC'd card was running at 1241 Mhz and my memory was up to 3506..

Is something wrong somewhere?

I ran Heaven at max settings at 1080 resolution.
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  1. I don't see anything wrong. The Heaven benchmark is a brute. Made that way on purpose. For comparison, the rig in my sig with 2 x GTX 660 OC cards averaged 42.9 FPS with Heaven settings at their max @ 1080p.
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    I got 38FPS with my GTX 770 & i5-750 @ 4Ghz just last night.

    Nothing wrong with your Heaven score and your GTX 670.
  3. Thanks :) Turns out the 320.18 drivers are really unstable and i was having real problems. I rolled back to 314.22 and everything is fine!
  4. Haven't noticed any problems with 320.18 on my end...
    Where did you come across the mention of the driver being unstable?
  5. I'm using the 320.18 (release driver for 700 series) and have seen no issues thus far. Though a Google search I just did shows a couple articles claiming a small group of people say their GPU was damaged by that driver.
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