Computer freezes on start up

So I running this build:

So I got all the parts and set it up and tried to start it. So it starts up and I see a MSI logo thing but I notice a good bit of it is cut off. Then It goes to the bios and it all looks very... corrupt I guess you could say. All the on screen buttons/clickable options are at different places and text is just over lapping other text. Not to mention a lot of stuff is cut off again. So then I try to click the standard button hoping it fixes it and it all freezes. Now everytime I start it, it shows the logo screen (Still cut off) and then nothing ever happens. Just a black screen for a long time. No spamming of esc or f11 or any of that stuff brings the bios up. So I'm just of just stuck here. I cant really install the bios update due to the fact that I cant get into bios to set the boot option to flashdrive. Then when I just put the flashdrive in it, it still just goes black for a long time with nothing happened.

This is my first build and I'm so worried I have broken something or messed something up. Any help would be so awesome.
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  1. Might try resetting the CMOS...if nothing then pull components and do a bench build, troubleshoooting as you go, can find a basic guide I wrote here:
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