CM Storm Spawn Mouse Software Won't Launch HELP PLEASE

I just bought the CM Storm Spawn Mouse and I plugged it in my PC and it works very good but I then downloaded and installed the software because I wanted to configure the keys of the mouse for gaming BUT when I click the software it wont launch it doesn't do nothing....I have tried running it as administrator but that wont work either I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO
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    Having tried the CM Storm keyboard software, I find it buggy, at the very best. I had similar results. Make sure you are plugging the device directly into the computer in question, not through a USB hub or extension cable.

    I would also start with Cooler Master support, as it's their product, they have the highest likelihood of having dealt with your issue before:

    1. Right click the shortcut
    2. Change the target from "Spawn_Icon.exe" to "Spawn_Config.exe"
    My target path for example -- notice the flag at the end:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\CM Storm\Spawn Gaming Mouse\Spawn_Config.EXE" 1
    3. Accept changes

    This fixed the problem for me. Hopefully the solution's good for anyone else with this issue.
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