My Computer Doesn't use Full RAM No Matter What I Do

Hi there, i got this brain storm for all of you my computer isn't using full amount of RAM its only using 2.8 Gb here's a picture:
And then i tried do everything via msconfig-->boot-->advanced options ticking and then unticking everything... currently i got everything unticked and it just doesn't seem to have any effect what ever i do... i am starting to get tired of this i tried to find out this problem by my self but i cant its already more then few months... Other that that i am looking for an answer but it doesn't look like any one had something like that here's my computer property's i am not an expert on this property's thing but i hope this does it:
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  1. have u got 32 bit Windows?
  2. Some of your ram is going to be "reserved" by the Windows OS. It also depends on installed hardware, etc. and don't forget 32 bit OS is limited to not more than 4gb of ram
  3. Your screen shot indicates that you have 4GB of RAM installed (4096 MB). Is there a particular issue you are having?
  4. Theres only a few ways you wont get the full ammount of ram in a computer

    - using a 32 bit OS (4gb limit including video card, reserved memory etc)
    - using onboard graphics/video (allocates ram)
    - using a "hypermemory" or "turbocache" video card (steals ram)
    - chipset limitation (bank limitation/memory hard limit - old Intel chipsets did this)
    - old bios limitation (my old Dell 6400 capped me to 3gb)
  5. the thing is yes i do have 32 bit OS when i brought my laptop it had 64 bit win8 home basic i reinstalled to windows 7 ultimate 4GB ram and recently i did renew my BIOS but not my self i gave it to people that repair pc and stuff but before i was still having the same issue could i be in need of 64 bit version? or could it be the hardware problem? i am not the pro at BIOS so stay with me if you can just tell me where from should i send i screen shoot i can do that and forgot to mention if this does anything i got dual core AMD Radeon HD 7340 Video card here's a screen shoot if it helps:
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    yes u need 64 bit
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