Acer s7 -391 does not detect internal ssd

I purchase a second hand s7 yesterday it s a very cool high end laptop
the problem is the previous owner installed not original version windows 8 on it
i wanted to have it clean installation
I have a original windows 8 dvd 64bit.
but on the installation process where you want to chose the hard disk or format or partition no hard or ssd is detected !
any solutions?
I called the engineer at acer he said I have to bring the laptop to them he could not help in the phone '
help please please
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  1. If i remember correctly its a caching SSD for that series (no direct access to the device as storage)

    Install Windows as per normal and *then* install the Intel SSD caching application/driver after - it uses it as it needs automatically

    Take not also that you have the correct Windows 8 disk as all new Windows 8 machines dont actually have product keys (bios key only) and will auto-activate themselves - if you have a standard OEM disk it will ask for a key you do not have.

    any hassles about that let me know, there are ways to get it to work for you if you need.
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