Asus z87 Pro 4-way-optimization

I've seen Asus's/JJ Guerrero's videos explaining 4-way-optimization, and I thought he said that the software limits CPU voltage increases to 1.275 volts. However, after optimization, I think the results indicate that the software increased my voltage to 1.4 volts (I had great results and my CPU speed was increased to 4.9ghz). I ran cinebench while looking at my CPU voltage in Aida64, and the voltage got up to 1.378. I'm very happy with the results, but am concerned about the voltage increase. Is that okay? I thought the 4-way-opt. software wouldn't allow such a high voltage increase?

Thanks a bunch in advance for the help

Btw, I have:
cpu: intel i5 4670k
cpu fan: noctua nh-d14
no graphics card yet
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  1. It's actually not to bad but i wouldn't recommend anything over 1.35v for a 24-7 oc
  2. bigcyco1 said:
    It's actually not to bad but i wouldn't recommend anything over 1.35v for a 24-7 oc

    try to settle the voltage within 1.45V,it would be safe nad by the way at waht what res. are u playing that u are O.C ing a 4670k?
  3. Also what are your temps like ?
  4. it shouldn;t be much for a a processor like 4670k with a TDP of 84W,still let us know the temps
  5. True but it's better to be safe then sorry lol that's why i am asking the temps.
  6. AVX loads will ramp VID higher than the Adapative mode voltage. This is something we cannot control as it is programmed by Intel into the CPU. The only way to lock VID under heavy AVX loads is to use a static VID.

    Make sure you are running the latest UEFI version and AI Suite II version also (if applicable).
  7. but we can monitor the temps and try to adjust it for reliable performance
  8. Wow thanks for the quick responses. Bigcyco1, the temps were hovering right around 30C.
    Sourodip, This is a new build I'm putting together and I'm waiting for the new AMD GPUs, so haven't gotten video card yet. So not playing any games just yet, but my monitor's resolution is 1920x1200 (if that's what you were asking above?).
    Also, the 4-way-optimization I ran works by only increasing the CPU multiplier, which it set to 49. So, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the CPU will be running at 4.9ghz except when turbo mode kicks in to its maximum.. which will be like never for me.

    You can also run this optimization to increase the BCLK instead. I know haswell has multipliers you can tweak for everything now, so increasing BCLK isn't as all encompassing as it had to be previously.

    Wondering if it'd be worth trying to increase the bclk or should I just keep the overclock as is, with the multiplier of 49?

  9. Thanks Raja. I'm running AI suite III, so I think everything is up to date. I literally just installed the software from the cd that came w/ the mobo and ran 4 way opt. Haven't done any manual tweaking and was just wondering if I should be concerned at all.
  10. Resolution is at 1920x1200. I only increased the cpu multipliers. Do you think it's better to try to increase bclk too though (with lower multiplier)?
  11. those are good temps for an O.C ed 4670k.what cpu cooler do u have?u have increased it's multiplier to 49?frickin hell!
    even if u O.C that much ur cpu without getting a gpu u will not notice such boost in fps in games.A cpu provides support to the gpu which is more important.
  12. i just built a new rig 4770K z87 M/B ran 4-way-optimization it maxed out at 4.6GHz which i was happy with loaded a game and kept crashing so i reduced it to 4.3 .
    Now when ever i restart it reverts back to 4.6 and crashes repeatedly my temps are good, just wondering if anyone has any ideas how i can get this profile to save i have clicked apply and have saved profile .
  13. Uninstal AI Suite III and run this cleaner:

    Download the latest AI Suite III from the ASUS Support page for your board and then use that. You can configure your OC manually from UEFI if you wish as well - rather than in the OS.
  14. yeah,uninstall the AI suite 3 and OC manually from the bios which is much more reliable and i would recommend u get an aftermarket cooler like the hyper 212 EVO and then O.C. tension free O.C with superior cooling. :)
  15. OP already has noctua nh-d14 which is far better then the hyper 212 EVO.
  16. oops my bad,didn't noticed it.
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