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HI all - newbie to this forum. I have had no joy finding the proper solution to my problem but I have discovered the long work around. I am using a combination of Win 7 HP and Win 7 pro workstations, where all the users are "Standard users". I put in a new server and of the 40 workstations, 8 have this problem (6x HP, 2x Pro). I've ditched the domain and am now only running a basic file server.

When I try to access the server share the following error comes up : "Server is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested login type at this computer "

I know that it is not a share / permissions problem on the server as when I create a temporary profile on one of the working desktops for that user they can access all of the shares and subfolders thereof that they have the permissions for.

The only way I have been able to get around this is to logon to the local machine as Administrator, delete the user's profile and recreate a new profile using their same username and password. Then they are able to access the server share without any problems. So it is obviously an issue in that particular user profile on the workstation and nowhere else.

A few of the things I have done while searching for answers to date -
1) Changed user to an admin account
2) Changed username and password to a different name and then back again.
3) Followed a few ideas in Group Policies editor
4) Turned off firewall
5) Tweaked and tried many combinations in Advanced Network settings.

Again though, for points 1,4 & 5 I know those are not the issues as when I create a new profile with default windows settings and same username and password it works fine!

Please help if you are able so that I don't have to keep backing up data and resetting up profiles with all the settings that go along with it!
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  1. When you right click on the shared folder. Go to properties > sharing tab > advanced sharing tab. From there make sure the "Limit the number of simultaneous users to:" at least 50 since you have 40 users.
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