A good quality power supply that will last me 4+ years that can power a GTX 770 and a 4770k for under 100 USD.

The title is pretty much self explanatory, just one thing to keep in mind: I can't buy from Newegg because they (for whatever reason) don't accept my international credit card.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'm just using newegg as an example site, you can find your own retailers to use.

    I'd especially go with the seasonic. there are higher wattage ones in that series that are still under $100 too.
    the TT ones are a little higher power but the quality may be slightly less than the seasonic ones.
  2. Thanks for both of your replies.
    I'm having trouble finding the SeaSonic you posted outside Newegg but I managed to find this SeaSonic 80Plus M12II 620 on amazon:
    How do you say it compares to a Corsair CX600 in terms of reliability?

    I'm going extra safe on quality because I won't be able to get a replacement if it fails one year down the road. Sorry for that.
  3. XFX PRO 650W or 750W.
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    basically, it'd be REALLY out there for any of these to fail. I have a thermaltake TR2, which is WAY lower "quality" than these, but I have no doubt that it'll last at least 5 years (I've had it for 1.) To put it in perspective, mine isn't even 80+certified. If anything, (imo) seasonic and pc power and cooling are the best, corsair and antec are also really good, thermaltake i fine too. some other brands are just fine too.
  5. Ok, I'm going for that SeaSonic m12ii I linked. Thank you all guys.
  6. I got the Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt on Amazon for my GTX 770 for $66. Works well so far.
  7. delro92 said:
    Ok, I'm going for that SeaSonic m12ii I linked. Thank you all guys.

    I think you'll be very happy with that Seasonic.
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