Gaming computer, which graphic card?

Hey everyone :D. I'am going to buy a gaming computer. So I was wondring about what the best graphic card is if I'am not going to overclock it.
I've been thinking about this specs, are these good? Should I take another graphic card and how do I know if the card is factory clocked? Does it stay "super clocked" then?


CM Storm Stryker Gaming Big Tower
XFX ProSeries Core Edition 650W PSU
Intel Core i5-4670 Processor
MSI Z87-G43, Socket-1150
Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 16GB
Gainward GeForce GTX 780 3GB PhysX CUDA
SSD: Samsung SSD 840 Series 250GB
HDD: WD Desktop Blue 1TB SATA
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  1. First of all I recommend you use you can see all the cheapest prices and where to get the parts. Also you can see the incompatibilities and benchmarks if available. The specs are pretty good, but you don't need 16Gb ram for gaming 8Gb is already the maximum amount you will need. For the ram go for either 1600mhz or 1866mhz those are the cheapest and best. You don't really need that big of a ssd, its just expensive, just get a hdd with more storage. Also if you are planning on doing sli later on get a 750w psu, but if your not just get a 600w. That graphics card is pretty good if your staying within a budget. If your willing to pay 1000$ for a graphics card try the GTX 690 or GTX Titan.
  2. dirtyferret said:
    1. if you are looking for the best graphics card, look at tom's best graphics card for your dollar and find something that will fit your resolution's needs as well as your upgrade time line. See what Nvidia/AMD offer and then check out benchmarks of games you play (plan to play) to see which performs better. Finally make sure your you have a quality PSU to power said card.

    2. the GTX780 is a great performing card and the XFX psu you selected will have no issue powering that card.

    3. yes your PC specs are good

    4. any card you receive from the brand is technically "factory clocked" as long as you yourself don't OC it. Some cards come factory OC from AMD/Nvidia spec settings but are still factory clocked. Most of these factory over clocked will state so on the packaging with marketing lines like "over clocked" "super clocked" "OC edition", etc., You can find AMD/Nvidia spec settings on their specific web sites. will that result show what I max max my overclocking on the gtx 780? If I get that card and I download msi afterburner how do I know if I need a higher psu? When do I know when the card will "die?"
  3. if u are using a single 1080p monitor then a gtx780 would be more than enough.get the one which is cheapest
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