X58 sabretooth new build ssd issues

Just put together new build x58 sabretooth intel i7 990 24gb memory, all working well until I tried to load windows 7 on to new samsung 840 pro ssd, system loaded but then crashed! Tried to use magician on another pc to format but cant as frozen, tried to power off on actual ssd (as suggested in many forums to unfreeze it) but no luck so far - very frustrating. Can load on a WD hdd and it works - tried another brand of ssd and it seemed to corrupt that one as well - any suggestions please?
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  1. If problems with it on two different PCs, may simply be a problem with the SSD and a RMA be in order
  2. As a newbie on this what is an Rma.
  3. That's what you do with a defective item that you can't drive to a store and return, if bought on-line at say NewEgg, or the manufacturer, you contact them for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, and follow their directions to return it for a replacement of a refund. There should be a grace period of about 30 days if bought from a store or on-line retailer, so go through them first, if no go there, then contact the manufacturer
  4. Many thanks appreciate advice
  5. Let us know how it goes
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