Stuttering, Freezing, Pausing, bugging same problem on 2 computers

Hi I have a pretty strange problem and i really can not figure this one out.. basically from the seconds I load into windows the pc will keep Pausing / freezing for maybe 5 seconds then after the first pausing for 5 seconds it will then stutter for around 5 seconds... with a buzzing sound from my speakers and headset... then It will run fine for say 10mins - 1 hour then do it again and again... the strange thing is it is doing this on both computers one been an Intel laptop and the desktop is an AMD desktop I went ahead and reinstalled windows 7 on the laptop and reinstalled windows 8 on the desktop... even without installing drivers and updates there both doing the same thing ... and again they continue even after getting all driver and windows updates...

Laptop specs:
Intel i5 3.2ghz
6gb ram
1tb 7200rpm hard drive
nvidia gtx 650m graphics 2gb
windows 7 home premium 64bit

Desktop Specs:
AMD FX-6300 4.2ghz
8gb Ram 1600mhz
1tb 7200rpm hard drive
nvidia gtx 650 ti 2gb (SSC)
Windows 8 pro 64bit

I have tested both computers hardware and everything passes on both I also reinstalled windows on both to see if that could solve the issue but it did not... I have downloaded and installed updates from the official sites for both computer and laptop with no change... I then went and paid for Driver agent to see if they had anything and I updated there also still no change... I also updated windows 7 and 8 via windows update to see if there was an important update missing that was needed to solve this... with no luck still have the issues..

Then i started going crazy... unplugging the headset keyboard mouses any thing that was plugged in... i even changed my monitor to test that... and im now even considering changing plug sockets in my house incase the 4way adapter is the issue as both are plugged into that :D

Please anyone i need help.. what else could it be... Oh its not over heating i have already ran stress tests for that and all hardware passes.. Its kinda freaky... Never hard any problem like this that i could not find the root cause... been trying to solve this for around a week now...

I called samsung and they said it sounds like a program i have installed... it cant be as there is no programs that i have installed..... hence the fresh reinstall with the same issues...

Any help would be great :)
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  1. Ok you wont ever believe me when i say this... haha i think i have fixed it... and you will never guess what 2 things i had 2 do... one... in the bios the power was set to eco i turned that shit off... but then i still had the issue just not as bad... :D ok so the second thing... it did cross my mind but was like no that cant be it... but it was... it was my 6 way plug adapter lmfao... guess it had enough... its a really REALLY old one just changed it to a brand new one and fuck the power!!! no stutters or lags dont have to wait a whole minute for programs to open its all instant again!!! that would be why the desktop pc was acting the same way....and at the same time :D
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