Should I upgrade my cpu or graphics card

Just curious if I were to upgrade one or the other which one should i do first?

I have a Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3Ghz Unlocked LGA1155 CPU

and a MSI GeForce GTX 560 TI Twin FrozrII/OC 1GB

If you are curious or if it helps this is my gaming computer
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  1. GPU for sure. You won't notice a cpu upgrade at all for gaming, even if you got a 3970x. What's your budget and psu?
  2. Upgrade your graphics card first.
  3. You still have a couple of years with the 2500K. Upgrade the video card.
  4. wanderer11 said:
    You won't notice a cpu upgrade at all for gaming, even if you got a 3970x

    I do believe there is a noticeable difference for many game titles with E-class chips compared to 1155/1150 socket. Although certainly not enough to justify the atrociously higher cost, except for maybe the 1% of desktop enthusiasts that must have the absolute best regardless of cost.

    But yes, OP, GPU.
  5. I would probably be willing to spend around 300 dollars and I am using a Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W 80+ Bronze
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    For $300 you're looking at a 7950. If you can spend ~$350 then you can get a GTX 670. Here's a 7950 for about $285:
  7. That looks like a pretty nice graphics card for the price, so I guess im going to give my computer an upgrade. Thanks for the help everyone
  8. I have a 7950 right now, planetside 2 and the witcher 2 run on High/ultra
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