ide to sata adaptor showing up as floppy disk when using a dvd drive

i don't know why this will not work does it matter witch side of to chip you hook it up to.

HDE® SATA to IDE/IDE to SATA Drive Interface Adapter
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  1. You do realize the adapter needs 1 power cable and the drive needs another? ie this device does not power up the drive.
  2. yes i hooked the molex cable up to the chip and hooked up the DVD drive with another.

    i am asking why windows is recognizing it as a 2.5 mm floppy drive and not a light-scribe DVD drive
  3. Can you go into BIOS and change the floppy drive option to "none?"
  4. it was already set to none this motherboard is probably to new to work with this.

    Gigabyte AMD 760G + SB710 Chipset DDR3 1333 AM3+ Micro ATX Motherboard (GA-78LMT-S2P)
  5. Is the DVD drive functioning OK?
  6. I'm assuming this is an IDE drive, is the jumper on it set to Master, Slave, CS ?
    I would first try setting it to whatever the label on the drive says to use for single and if that doesnt work set it to CS and try again.

    Also reset your bios back to defaults and clear pnp data (setting in the bios) so all drives get re-detected.
  7. the DVD drive is hardy used at all.

    as for the ports there is one modern blue-ray witch is plugged in a master port and the drive with the adapter was plugged into a slave port.

    as for the BIOS it hangs when i try to get it to account for the adapted drive i even let it sit there for 10 minutes.
  8. You could try switching your system to AHCI? There is a registry tweak and then boot into BIOS to set up AHCI then boot right into windows.

    Let me know if you want the steps. I'll look them up and sent them to you here.
  9. yes instructions would be nice.

    also this computer is set up with RAID 0 if that matters.

    the RAID bios tries to accommodate CD drives and SD cards if it cant recognize it the computer will not continue to boot

    the order it goes by is the gigabyte logo screen the award BIOS the RAID bios then a hardware detection screen and finally windows.
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    If your comp is already configured in RAID0, there's no use in switching to AHCI. You will lose the data on the RAIDED drives too.

    Turn off the gigabyte splash screen in BIOS. You will be able to see more info as the comp boots.

    Did you install the DVDs or anything else after RAID0 was set up. Almost always you will run into problems if you install drives or switch sata ports after RAID0 was set up.
  11. the blue-ray was setup after the RAID array without problems i figured this could be set up to.
    if it was another sata drive it would probably work.

    the adapter was a add on item with the hard drives i ordered to set up raid.
    when i got the parts on amazon it only cost 75 cents for the chip.

    forget it. it is not worth a long conversation over a DVD drive from 2003.

    i ordered another sata drive 50% percent off. if it does not work no more buying things on clearance.

    also that was a good idea to turn that stupid splash screen off.
    i mean every time i turn the computer on it feels like i have to watch in ad to use it.
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