Microphone not working.

I recently installed the AMD radeon 7870 and a new PSU, and everything is working nice.
I've now connected my monitor via the HDMI cable from my graphics card and i can now get audio from my monitor as well as my speakers. I use realtek HD audio and i've recently found out that my microphone is not working.
I've done all the obvious things like check the microphone is not broken or muted or not being registered etc and none of these are the problem.
Well the microphone is being registered by my computer however it's not receiving any sound from me.
On skype i noticed that my friends were able to hear the videos i was watching very faintly and i also noticed that when i play a sound loudly on my PC the bar that registers sound for the microphone goes up one. This makes me think that my microphone is an output for my speakers instead of me, but i don't know how to change this or if this is the real problem.
I have updated all my drivers re installed them and tried practically every trick i can think of but i can't seem to solve it.
I don't know whether my new graphics card is causing the microphone to be ignored or something.
Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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  1. plugging your mic into the case or to the mobo?
  2. Check all of the settings in the sound properties, such as volume level and whatnot. Also make sure any programs you use, that also use the mic, have their settings turned up as well.
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