Asus VG248QE vs ASUS PA248Q

I am getting a new pc this summer with either a gtx 780 or a 7970ghz. I am really torn between ips an tn panels.

I am going to use this pc aminly for gaming but also for productivity stuff like some corel draw and some programming.
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  1. That IPS colour quality and zero colour shift will be genuinely worthwhile for gaming. And if you're using it for graphic design as well then definitely go with IPS.
  2. thanks for the reply man,

    I dont do that much graphic design as much as i do gaming and programming.
    I dont know if tn panel color reproduction is not that bad because i can get fast response times with not as good color reproduction or 6ms response time GTG which i dont know if it is too bad.
  3. What do you code in? And forget all that 6ms GTG stuff - manufacturer-quoted specs are a load of crap. What you really want is to actually see the monitor performing in person, or check out professional reviews with high-speed photography, e.g.

    You'll find some excellent reviews on there that will give an idea of responsiveness, colour quality, everything you could possibly want to know. Short answer though - trails are really not a serious problem at all with IPS and the colour quality is genuinely superior. Viewing angles on TN are terrible (and I don't mean horizontal for people either side of you, I mean vertical - your own top-to-bottom view of the screen) with serious colour shift / loss of fine detail.
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