Need a new GPU equal to an Nvidia 9800GTX+

My second machines GPU is dying and needs a replacement but cash is limited and it is just used for my son to game on.

It currently has a Nvidia 9800GTX+ and is crashing the machine so I need a replacement for it. I am not looking to go any more powerful than what it has right now just equal to it. It make no difference whether it is Nvidia or AMD just as long as it is no weaker than the card it has now.

My question is "What cards are equal to the performance of the card it has now?"


OS: Win 7 Home premium 64 bit
MB: AsRock A785GM-LE
CPU: AMD Athlon x4 640 @ 3.7 GHz w/ phenom II 965 stock cooler.
Ram: 3GB 667 Mhz @700 MHz Crap that came in an old Acer PC.
PSU: Antec earth watts EA650W
HDD: Seagate 160GB Sata 1
Network card: Rosewill RNX-N300X
Case: CM 690II Advanced
Optic: lite-on

EDIT: the card specs are as follows
core: 756 Mhz
shader: 1836 Mhz
memory: 1000 Mhz
Bus: 256
Ram: 1GB
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  1. pick up a 7750 or a 7770. its more powerful but its the lowest card that is worth your time buying
  2. A GTX 650 is a close analog in the most current series (on the Nvidia side)

    ... or 7750/7770 on the Radeon side a like the above poster
  3. Point is Cheap under $75 USD. If i were to go with something that powerful I would buy it for my machine and put mine in that one. The 77xx is out and so is the 650.

    EDIT: i'm not looking to upgrade just replace.
  4. In that price range you're looking at a small step down, but a GT630 or HD 6670 are in that price range
  5. A Radeon 6670 would fit within your budget and would be close to the GTX 9800 in terms of performance. The 6670 is priced at 65$.
  6. Can't do a 7750? Do this:

    If you're gonna get a new card, any type, pony up the extra $10 and get the GDDR5 VRAM. It helps, really, even on slower cards like that.
  7. UPDATE: last Sunday the 9800GTX+ finally died although I knew it was coming. Good thing the motherboard had on-board because my 4yr old was not happy she couldn't play her games when it died. I found a ATI HD 4870 1GB for $50 USD so I went with that. I received it today and installed all is well again.

    Thanks for all your suggestions. :)
  8. that was technically a upgrade but ok
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