FX-8350 temps to high?

After I game I will sometimes restart my computer and go into the BIOS and check my CPU temps it got up to 67 degrees celsius is this bad? If it is how can i fix and I am also using the stock cooler.
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    67C is more than acceptable. In fact, it is relatively chilly. 85C is when you want to be a little careful.
  2. Ok good is there any other i can get it down to 60?
  3. CPU and GPU said:
    Ok good is there any other i can get it down to 60?

    Sure, get a better cooler. There plenty of aftermarket coolers out there, for cheap too. But there really isn't any reason to get it down to 60C, as you will likely see no benefit in performance or overall system health. But you could get something like this:
  4. I have seen a lot of people say it is great cooler for the price. If I bought this cooler could I overclock? My motherboard is a Asrock 970 extreme3.
  5. Maybe a little, but the 970 chipset isn't the best for overclocking. 990fx is much better. But you will get a couple hundred megahertz out of it at least.
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