Long Beeps on my dimension e520 after ram change

Hi, I have an interesting problem, to me anyway.

Short Version
I installe win7 64bit while i had my stock 1gig(2x512 pc5300) ram installed and also my monitor hooked up to my onboard graphics vga out. Install went smooth and I got to the windows log-in screen. After checking to see if my network adaptor worked, I just did a quick google search to confirm connectivity, I shut down my computer and attempted to connect my monitor to my graphics card(stock dimension e520 ati gpu). I also changed the ram to 4 sticks of 1gig pc5300 ram which was the main reason for leaving my beloved 32bit win7 and getting the x64 version. I tried turning my computer on after that and now i wont even get to the bios screen. It just gives me long 1second beeps about 5 or 6 times. I get no display from both onboard or dedicated graphics cards. The thing is my computer worked great after i got the ram earlier and installed them in place of my stock 2x512 sticks. Now i have no idea what could be causing the beeps or the no startup issue. Any ideas?

Long Version
While trying to get the most out of my old clunker dimension e520 I thought i'd do a bunch of upgrades to it to make it sorta gaming-y. I recently bought a bunch of parts for it and confirmed everything worked before hand through this forum and a few others. Other people have definitely done these upgrades with success in the past heres a list of the stuff i bought.
Intel q6700 2.66ghz quad core cpu
kingston 4x1gig pc5300 ram
corsair 600w PSU
sapphire 7750 1gig low profile GPU

After getting my parts (still waiting for the radeon 7750 to arrive) I installed them correctly and things went good after a few trial and errors. I thought everything went smooth because the computer was working a lot faster thanks to the cpu, ram, and power supply upgrades. I thought i'd utilize the full 4gigs of ram i bought so I installed win7x64. After getting through with the installation I didn't install any new drivers and proceeded to shut down and install the new ram and connect my vga out to my stock graphics card because I installed the x64 win7 with my stock ram and onboard graphics card. Now my computer wont boot ( i still get power to the fans and motherboard though) to the bios screen or any display for that matter. I also get these long beeps that last for about 10 seconds total. atm all the new parts I have are installed shy of the radeon 7750. I've tried replacing the ram in a few different combinations solo and others in diff ram slots. also i put the vga cable back into the onboard graphics vga out. No idea. I was so psyched to get a reasonably competent gaming computer to at least play some of the games I've missed out on in the past years and I was so close. Now this hiccup. I hope its not something to do with the motherboard but I'm not good enough at troubleshooting PCs to know that. Any help?
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  1. well i somehow got it working. I spent a bit of time switchign the ram around again. and go tit working when i tried one of the older rams on the last (#4) ram slot. O.o. Well i switched to teh new ram i bought 4x1gig ram sticks and it works now. no help needed save you're brains for someone who really needs the help forumers
  2. Experimenting often results in good results, good job! Glad to hear all is well, Enjoy!
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