How much memory do i really need for xbox 360 and ps3 exclusives?

I'm thinking of getting a Xbox 360 or ps3 just for the exclusives. but i don't want to buy a big memory one for i may not have use for the rest. I want to get games like halo, gears of war, crack down, fable, red dead, etc, and god of war, infamous, Resistance, heavy rain, kill zone, ratchet and clank, etc. I won't be available to respond to respond to any messages for maybe a day or two. Internet is going out, might as well get this out.. If you know any games i should get that aren't on pc, do type.
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  1. You shouldn't need too much memory for just exclusives. Though, if you plan on getting DLCs for the games, you should get a pretty decent amount of memory since, for instance, Halo 4 multiplayer alone takes up about 3.5gb, Not including all the dlc map packs, which I believe is around 4gb.
    So, if you aren't getting DLC you won't need too much space. If you are, get a pretty hefty amount. I'd think for just exclusives maybe around 60 gigs would be plenty. Video Game DLCs are only going to get bigger and require more Gigs.
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